Woman Slips Her Fingernail into Her Drink at the Bar – When It Changes Color She Calls the Cops

When most women choose their nail polish, they mostly look at color and how fast it is going to dry on their fingernails. But a group of student inventors say that nail polish could actually help keep women from becoming a victim of a date rape.
Sexual assault and the use of date rape is unfortunately a reality of many college campuses and bars throughout the United States and not only. In fact, it’s so widespread that four young inventors decided to come up with a creative way to stop assault before it happens.
The young man developed a unique type of nail polish that changes color when exposed to drugs. Called Undercover Colors, the nail polish contains ingredients that can detect popular date rape drugs such as Xanax.
All women have to do when wearing this nail polish is stir their drinks with their fingers. If the drink contains any drugs, the nail polish will change color immediately. The best part is that women can do this without drawing too much attention upon themselves.
If you want to learn more about it, make sure to check out the video below. Also don’t forget to share this so as many people find out about this.

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